I don’t know who needs to read this, But warnings go BEFORE the content/instructions they’re connected to. A distant second, is immediately after the specific connected content. At the very end of the documentation is about equivalent to not including any warnings.

I had a fear, one I admittedly didn’t pay enough attention to, in the back of my mind, so I thought to read the docs first to be sure I didn’t use the wrong flag… I thought that would protect me.

This is what I saw…

Did Read

Cool, I can save myself a step! Unfortunately, I didn’t scroll down, so this is what I did not see.

Did Not Read

I’ll miss that data…

Twice, is enough for me… This site is built with Hugo now. Because it doesn’t destroy data that it doesn’t need to1. And if you’re writing data destruction warnings, make sure you don’t bury them “below the fold”.